Saturday, 28 February 2015

Are you embracing godliness in your life? (Triple Braided Life)

In October last year, I participated in a '31 days of...' interview for a fellow blogger, Brenda. Brenda writes for Triple Braided Life, a blog for single ladies pointing them to truth. She decided to interview 31 single women, one for each day of the month, on the topic of, 'Living with Purpose.' I had the pleasure of being interviewed (you can see it here 31 days of Single Women). A couple months later, Brenda contacted me during the time I was setting up this blog and asked if I would like to become a contributor for Triple Braided Life. I was not expecting this. But I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity this has opened up for me this coming year. 

Last week, my first post was published. You can read the post here, Embracing Godliness
I have to admit that I am excited to see what kind of challenges come about in writing. I've had plenty of topics come to mind that have challenged me to think more about them in a way that can encourage others and also speak truth in my life. I hope that you will enjoy the posts, from myself and the three other girls joining Brenda! 

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