Monday, 14 March 2016

{Guest Post} From Head to Heart

I have been blessed with several opportunities to guest post on other blogs. Watch out for them over the coming months. The first one to be published can be found on To Share, Care and Love. I had the pleasure of 'meeting' Hannah last year when she began her 'What Does Grace Mean to Me?' series.

Hannah is about to get married to her husband which is very exciting. So here is an excerpt of my post: 

Transforming the head knowledge- Do you believe in God’s strength?

Christian’s typically have the head knowledge of the gospel. They know in their heads that God loves them. They know in their heads they are forgiven. They know these general aspects. But when it comes to truly believing in their hearts, there is often a real lack of belief. 

I am guilty of this. I have recently been reading through Beth Moore’s book, Breaking Free. Beth Moore so aptly and boldly speaks out about unbelief. How often do you doubt God’s love for yourself? How often do you feel unworthy to approach God? 

While I feel incredibly blessed to have grown up in a Christian environment, I also feel it has made me run the risk of becoming complacent with Gospel truth.  There are plenty of verses I ‘know’ in my head but have a lack of true understanding or acceptance in my heart. 

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